This three act ballet was first performed in 1898 at the Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg. Choreographed by Marius Petipa and score by Alexander Glazunov, it is based on a story by Lydia Pashkova.

Set in medieval Europe, Raymonda is engaged to be married to Jean de Brienne, who is fighting in the Crusades. Act I opens with Raymonda celebrating her birthday and Abderame attempts to woo her, but she rejects the Saracen Lord. Raymonda falls asleep and dreams of the "White Lady", a figure who protects the family and leads her to Jean. On waking she finds Abderame declaring his love for her.

In Act II Abderame tries to kidnap Raymonda, but Jean returns to save her and kills Abderame in a duel.

Act III sees a celebration of the marriage of Raymonda and Jean.