First performed in 1910 at the Grand Opera, Paris, as part of the Ballet Russes' debut season, with Tamara Karasavina as the Firebird. The choreography and story is by Michel Fokine and the score by Igor Stravinsky.

This one act ballet opens with Prince Ivan trying to catch a firebird in an enchanted garden. The Firebird pleads for her freedom and gives the Prince a feather in return, promising to protect him if he ever needs it.

A group of princesses who have been bewitched by Kostchei dance for the Prince and he falls in love with one of them, Tsarevna. He tries to rescue her, but is thwarted by magical monsters. She warns him that her rescue is futile as all previous attempts have left the rescuer being turned to stone. He uses the magic feather to summon the Firebird and the monsters fall asleep. Ivan finds an egg containing Kostchei's soul and destroys it, breaking the spell and freeing the princesses.

The ballet finishes with the marriage of Ivan and Tsarevna.