In 1848 Jules Perrot staged a version of Giselle for the Imperial Theatre, assisted by Marius Petipa. Petipa created his own version in 1884 and in 1904 Anna Pavolva performed as Giselle.

Giselle is a peasant girl, loved by Hilarion. Giselle falls in love with Prince Albrecht, disguised as Loys, but engaged to Bathilde. Giselle has a weak heart, but dances for Albrecht, despite warnings from her mother, Berthe, that if she dies before she marries, she will become a ghostly Willis. 

Loys is exposed as Albrecht, Giselle discovers his engagement and dances herself to death. 

Myrtha, Queen of the Willis, raises Giselle as a Willis. the Willis attack Hilarion. Myrtha orders Albrecht and Giselle to dance and as it appears Albrecht will die of exhaustion, Giselle defies the Willis and saves him.

First performed in 1841 at the Theatre de L'Acadamie Royal de Musique, Paris. Choreography by Jules Perrot and Jean Coralli. Music by Adolphe Adam, and additional music by Burgmuller, Ludwig Minkus and Caesare Pugni. Story by Theophile Gautier and Vernoy de Saint-Georges.