Just Ballet Aurora professional tutu - HIRE ONLY

  • £60.00


Simply divine!

We love this tutu and all its intricate decorations. The bodice and skirt are hand dyed in a mottled effect, graded from dark to light peach and finally white. The tutu is decorated in 100's of crystals, sequins, bugle beads, pearls, rose buds, gold and floral laces for a rich and opulent look.

Ideal for any princess role, but Aurora from Sleeping Beauty was in my mind as it was made.

The skirt is a 10 layer stiff pancake tutu and the bodice is a panelled long line Russian bodice with two rows of hooks and eyes at the back and a drawstring along the top of the bodice.

Measurements are +/- 2cm:

Chest 82cm (31-33")

Waist 62cm (23.5-25.5")

High Hip 76cm (29-31")

Low hip 90cm (34-36")


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