Merlet LISA Pointe Shoe

  • £94.99

LISA, the revolutionary all in one pointe shoe that is made to last! The shoe fits the same as Merlet DIVA shoes, so are an easy swap for those in love with their DIVAs.

Whether you are working at the barre or carrying out a performance on stage, LISA has every type of support you will need thanks to its multitude of shanks that you can swap and change as you need.

LISA’s reinforced box and wings are built to last and withstand several shank lives. When your shank is worn out just pull it out and change it to give your pointe shoe a new life!

Lisa is made in France using all of the Merlet know-how and techniques. Made only from eco-friendly fabrics, Lisa is the proof that we can continue to manufacture from local materials in a planet friendly manner whilst staying that the forefront of industry innovations!

The ''All in One Pointe Shoe" !
Everything is inside the box :
- cotton ribbon
- satin ribbon
- elastic ribbon
- removable silicone tips
- pointe shoe bag
- 2 pairs of shanks (1 pair medium shanks & 1 pair hard shanks)

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